◆May 2022 The large communal bath "Yoshinoyu" has been renewed!
◆Coworking space "nomad nomad" OPEN
Hotel Yudanaka - Large public bath "Yoshi no Yu" -
Welcome to Hotel Yudanaka

Hotel Yudanaka - Large public bath "Yoshi no Yu" -

Hotel Yudanaka - Large public bath "Yoshi no Yu" -

The largest public bath at Shinshu Yudanaka Onsen has an abundant amount of free-flowing hot water!
Good location in Yudanaka Station 3 minutes. Access to Snow Monkey and sightseeing spots is outstanding.

For sightseeing, business, please spend relaxing at the hot spring hotel.

The public bath Yoshinoyu can be used as a day-trip hot spring.
Equipped with a large parking lot(Free 60 units)

Enjoy Yudanaka Onsen! Convenient for both business trips and travel, 3 minutes from the station. There is also a large parking lot.

  • It is a hot spring hotel with a free flowing hot spring.

    Nagano Dentetsu Yudanaka Station 3-minute walk from Nagano Dentetsu Yudanaka Station on the Nagano Dentetsu Yudanaka Station

    Yudanaka Onsen largest public bath in the Yudanaka Onsen area is a natural hot spring source
    Please enjoy the moist and smooth hot springs.

    All guest rooms where you can relax are over 18 square meters
    It can be used by one person or a family.


  • ◆Large communal bath "Yoshinoyu" renewal! ◆

    "Yudanaka Health Care Center" has been reopened as "Yudanaka Yudanaka Onsen Large Bath Yoshinoyu"

    Greatly expanded sauna space! You can also enjoy Sleeping Bath baths, standing baths, and monthly baths!

    We look forward to welcoming everyone.
  • Coworking space "nomad" Nomad

    A coworking space nomad has opened behind the front desk.

    Work, study, meetings, workshops, etc.
    Please feel free to use it.(No reservation required)
    Hotel guests can use it free of charge.※Excluding meeting space

    【Price plan】
    ■1 hour 500 yen
    ■1,500 yen per day
    ■3-hour plan with Yoshinoyu bathing ticket 1,500 yen
    ■Meeting room use 3 hours 3,000 yen
    ■Monthly membership 10,000 yen

Accommodation Features·Facility

  • Coworking space nomad(Mado)

    There is a coworking space nomdo on the 1st floor of Hotel Yudanaka.

    No reservation is required.
    ※Please make a reservation by phone only when using the meeting space

    Work, study, meetings, workshops, etc.
    Please feel free to use it.

    【Price plan】
    ■1 hour 500 yen
    ■1,500 yen per day
    ■3-hour plan with Yoshinoyu bathing ticket 1,500 yen
    ■Meeting room use 3 hours 3,000 yen(Reservation required, available by phone)
    ■Monthly membership 10,000 yen
  • Kiraku

    It is a Izakaya “Kiraku” in the same building.
    You can use it without hesitation even by yourself in a bright store.
    Enjoy Japanese sake as well as the local Famous Sake "Engi"

    Feel free to join us alone or in a group
  • Karaoke is in the izakaya Kiraku.

    There is also a karaoke room in "Izakaya Kiraku" opposite the hotel front desk entrance.
    You can enjoy it together.
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Hotel Name

Hotel Yudanaka


3246-2 Hirao, Yamanouchi Town, Shimotakai County, Nagano Prefecture

·When you come using the car navigation system, you may be guided to the back door.If you want to use the free parking lot, please use the large parking lot at the front entrance on the opposite side.
If Yamanouchi Town Community Welfare Center", the parking lot and front entrance of the hotel will be opposite this building.

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Good location, 3 minutes walk from Yudanaka Station. Center of the neighborhood main tourist attractions.20 minutes to Shiga Plateau and 20 minutes to Ryuo Ski Park

A large parking lot (60 spaces) is available free of charge.
Buses and large freight vehicles can also be parked.
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  • Introduced by Suit-kun! Click here for the video

    The popular youtuber Suit-kun came to visit us.
    We would like to introduce you to the state of our hotel in detail.
    Please look!
    ※Click the letter to link to Suit-kun's channel.
     The state of stay at "Hotel Yudanaka" is from around 11:40.

    I am very happy to have you praise the quality of the hot springs at the hotel.

    It is a high-quality hot spring where you can experience the hot springs flowing directly from the source. 
    After the renewal, the sauna space will be enhanced! Please enjoy yourself.

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Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.