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Surrounding tourism

We will introduce tours around the hotel

We will guide you around sightseeing

Jigokudani Monkey Park, famous for its Snow Monkey Jigokudani Monkey Park, etc.
We will guide you to major tourist spots
  • Jigokudani Monkey Park

    Jigokudani Monkey Park, famous for Snow Monkey
    • Let's go see Snow Monkey

      Until Jigokudani Monkey Park, famous for Snow Monkey
      10 minutes by car from the hotel
      25 minutes on foot from the parking lot

      There is bus from Yudanaka Station on foot a 3-minute walk away.
  • Ryuoo Mountain Park(Ryuo Ski Park)

    • Walk in the air on a ropeway to an altitude of 1770 "SORA terrace" is popular

      Altitude 1,770 m.Take the world's largest 166 seater ropeway and above the clouds.
      If conditions meet, the sea of ​​clouds spreads, which is a fantastic world that only visitors can taste.

      At the sunset spot where you can see the sun setting over the same line in the evening
      The color of the sky that sunset and the sea of ​​clouds carry out will produce a fantastic space.
  • Zenkoji Temple

    • Zenkoji Temple

      Approximately 55 minutes by car from the hotel

      Zenkoji Temple is said to have been built about 1400 years ago from now.
      The current main hall is rebuilt in the middle Edo period (1707), the entrance is about 24 m,
      Dignified wooden building with a depth of about 54 m.
      Has a unique structure Zenkoji Temple called Syumoku Style, a large number of worshipers has told a habit that was Confinement for Prayer overnight to now. It was designated as a national treasure in 1954.
      Zenkoji Temple is a famous temple that relieves people regardless of sects, pilgrims are visiting from all over the country since the time of peace.
  • Shiga Plateau

    • From spring to trekking in a refreshing plateau and enjoying skiing in winter!