This facility is eligible for the "Supporting Accommodation Discount" limited to Nagano residents.Max 5,000 yen OFF
◆New Corona Countermeasure Promotion Declaration◆
【About admission restrictions for one-day hot springs】
For the time being, admission will be restricted as a measure to prevent infection with the new coronavirus.
Hotel Yudanaka
Welcome to Hotel Yudanaka

【Official】Hotel Yudanaka

Hot Spring Hotel Yudanaka

Yudanaka Onsen largest public bath in Yudanaka Onsen is rich in hot Yudanaka Onsen sourced drain!
Good location in Yudanaka Station 3 minutes. Access to Snow Monkey and sightseeing spots is outstanding.

Large parking lot complete.For sightseeing, business, please spend relaxing at the hot spring hotel.

Enjoy Yudanaka Onsen! Convenient for both business trips and travel, 3 minutes from the station. There is also a large parking lot.

  • It is a hot spring hotel with a free flowing hot spring.

    Nagano Dentetsu Yudanaka Station 3-minute walk from Nagano Dentetsu Yudanaka Station on the Nagano Dentetsu Yudanaka Station

    Yudanaka Onsen largest public bath in the Yudanaka Onsen area is a natural hot spring source
    Please enjoy the moist and smooth hot springs.

    18 square meters for all guest rooms
    It can be used by one person or a family.

2nd "Prefectural Support Family Accommodation Discount"

  • This facility is eligible for the "Prefectural Support Ai Family Accommodation Discount"

    For residents of the prefecture who are staying during the period from February 19th (Friday), 3rd year of Reiwa to Wednesday, March 31st, 3rd year of Reiwa
    Prefectural citizen support family accommodation discount can be applied.
    Accommodation price per person per night(tax included)
    ·5,000 yen or more and less than 10,000 yen → 3,000 yen discount
    ·10,000 yen or more → 5,000 yen discount
    ※Local payment only.We will give you a discount at the time of payment.
    ※New reservations may be suspended depending on the infection status of the new coronavirus and the resumption of the GoTo travel business.

    <Discount target>
    If you live in Nagano prefecture, please fill in the confirmation form at check-in.

Important notice to customers

  • 【About admission restrictions for one-day hot springs】

    For the time being, as a measure to prevent infection with the new coronavirus
    Admission to one-day hot springs will be restricted.

    We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in order to prevent infection with the new coronavirus.
  • Approach to new coronavirus

    Thank you for using Hotel Yudanaka.

    【Initiatives at this facility to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection】

    The hotel is working to strengthen the hygiene of the facility to prevent infections to customers and staff.

    We will continue to make efforts so that everyone can come with peace of mind.
    We look forward to your visit.

Facilities for GoTo Travel Campaign

  • About GoTo Travel.Bookings from HP are also eligible for a 35% discount!

    ●Please note that discounts will not be applied during the Go To Campaign suspension period.

    [Customers with HP reservations are also eligible for 35% off.】
    ·Please check if the name of the plan you want to reserve includes "Go To Travel Campaign Discount".
    ·At check-in, if you can check the temperature according to the instructions from the country and confirm your place of residence with your ID card, we will apply the Go To Travel Campaign Discount (35% of the travel price).

    For Go To Travel, the official website details are posted.

Accommodation Features·Facility

  • Kiraku

    It is a Izakaya “Kiraku” in the same building
    Please enjoy local Famous Sake "Engi" and sake.

    Karaoke room is also available!
  • Reclining nap room 【Currently not open】

    【usage period】 ※Currently not open

    It is a sleeping room of reclining
    16 people capacity
    2700 yen/adult, 2400 yen/child

    From 10:00 to 22:00 are only available for entrance fee
    Accommodation fee will be charged from 22:00 and will be 2700 yen

    ※Reservation is required when crowded
  • Skiiers' bed 【Currently not open】

    【usage period】 ※Currently not open.
    Only in winter (December to March).

    3 rooms accommodate 60 people
    3000 yen/adult, 2800 yen/child
    It will be a complete reservation system.Please make a reservation by telephone.

    You can use it only on Friday, Saturday, and the day before the holiday.
    Weekdays only accept groups of 5 people or more.Please contact me.

    If there are few reservations, we may change to reclining.
    (In that case we will refund the difference)
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Hotel Name

Hotel Yudanaka


3246-2 Hirao, Yamanouchi Town, Shimotakai County, Nagano Prefecture

·When using the car navigation system, it will be guided by the back door.Since you can not park in the back door, please come to the front entrance on the opposite side.

Telephone number



Good location, 3 minutes walk from Yudanaka Station. Center of the neighborhood main tourist attractions.20 minutes to Shiga Plateau and 20 minutes to Ryuo Ski Park

There is a shuttle bus.
Be sure to inquire in advance.
Go to the traffic access page

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Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.